Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

lost_planet_for_xbox_360-resized200.jpgLost Planet: Extreme Condition, a sci-fi third person shooter from Capcom, focuses on an amnesia stricken protagonist in search of the alien “what killed his Pa.” The game takes place across a snow-covered world known as E.D.N. III in which our hero battles pirates and an alien race known as the Akrid.

Capcom seems to have learned from their SDTV problems with Dead Rising. The Lost Planet demo was plagued with SDTV display issues similar to Dead Rising, but it was fixed prior to the full game’s release, and things look marvelous. Though I still feel Oblivion is the best looking thing that has graced my television, Lost Planet isn’t far behind it.

The in-game text is displayed in a prominent and legible fashion. However, when members of your team contact you, a slight fuzz appears around the edges of the font. This problem doesn’t hinder the ability to read the text, it just makes it a less attractive.

The visuals are quite stunning. The desolate planet of E.D.N. III is aesthetically pleasing and evokes a feeling that goes well with the story. One of the only faults I found was that the constant snow while on the surface of the planet made things difficult to see. However, this effect could be intentional, and not due to my SDTV.

All the alien blasting and gun power ups made me nostalgic for th days of Contra. I didn’t test drive the multi-player but could tell from the single that it’d be a blast. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, while a bit short, is a worthy purchase in my humble opinion.


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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


Marvel Ultimate Alliance takes the successful formula of X-Men Legends and applies it to the entire Marvel Comic’s universe. 20 plus characters are involved in the storyline which makes things interesting. While the game is quite fun, things displayed somewhat poorly. The cut scenes were brilliant, but a tad dark, with fluid animation and decent voice acting. However, once the gameplay started things went a south.

One of the first things I noticed was the aspect ratio pushed the image off the side of my screen. Everything is visible that is necessary to play, but it’s still quite annoying. Graphics were on the dark side with a slight fuzz about them. The text was fuzzy as well, but still highly readable.

Aside from those quirks, it’s still a great game. If you are a comic and/or RPG nerd you should enjoy it. SDTV owners be warned, rent it and try it before dropping 60 large on a purchase.

RATED T: Mild Language, Violence

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Welcome new writer…

Thanks to Levi for jumping aboard.

I apologize for the neglect I’ve shown the blog and promise things will stay fresh. Instead of the lengthy reviews I’ve been attempting to do, I’m going to do shorter ones as to save time. This should allow me to be able to update with great quickness.

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Xbox 360’s Selling Like Pancakes

Hello Everybody. This is my first story on the site, so it may be a little rough, but I’ll improve over time.

Anyways, according to the NPD,  the Xbox 360 outsold the Wii and PS2 combined. It had a 51% share of the market for December 2006.

And on a similar note, Gears of War has sold 3 million copies. That’s a whole lot of chainsaw guns…


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Writers needed…

I’m looking for some help with the site. I can’t update as much as I’d like, due to other work, so if anyone wants to give writting a shot, comment!

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Welcome Visitors…

Wow, Digg.com has been surprisingly good to the site. We’ve had a surge of Diggs and traffic and for that I thank you all.

Now that I have an audience, tell me what you’d like to see from the site. I’m still tinkering with how I’d like for the reviews to be formated and what I’ll I want to incorporate. I’m doing this to help others, so now I’m asking the others for help.

Feel free to comment, or email, with anything you’d like to know or see here! Thanks for reading!

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What’s to come…

Expect reviews of Oblivion, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and more in the coming week. Anyone got a hot tip on a game or article we should know about? Email me.

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